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Browse our selection of rivers below, each river may have 1 or more cameras along it's length. Keep checking back here for new rivers being covered throughout the UK and Ireland, and for new cameras on rivers already covered by at least one of our cams.

If you are only interested in a specific region you can use the links above to narrow down the selection by region of the UK, from the heights of Scotland to the coast of Cornwall, we have the largest coverage of river based webcams in the country!

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Each camera delivers a regular stream of images at near real-time. Whether you want to check on conditions for your fishing, see how the weather is looking on your favourite stretch, or even survey the impact of severe weather and flooding on the water levels of our waterways around the country, images are updated every few seconds so that you are always up to date with what is happening.

On each page you will also see the option to get a larger image to view by clicking on the "expand" button, as well as helpful tools to help give you more information about each location; one example being our handy hourly water-level gauges that mean you don't only get to see how high the river is right now, but if it's rising or falling too!

Each page also details local reports from fishermen and experts in the area of the camera, giving you the latest insight in to conditions; a gallery is also easily accessible from the navigation menu above if you want to check on an extensive archive of past images taken by the camera.

Local fishing reports - under your local cam and on the national reports page. The Atlantic Salmon Trust - Funding research for the future of wild salmon and sea trout on YOUR river Cottages4U