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Woodland View Fisheries

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Carp Lakes - Woodland View Fisheries

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Woodland View Fisheries
Weather near Woodland View Fisheries

More information

Many thanks to Woodland View Fisheries for facilitating this camera's location. Woodland View Fishery near Droitwich must rank as one of the best-known and most prolific match and pleasure venues in the Midlands - if not the UK. Just 15 minutes drive from the M5, it offers eight pools together with a well stocked tackle shop, fully-fitted cafeteria which seats more than 100 anglers and ample car parking around the site. Woodland View's commitment to encouraging angling as a sport for people of all backgrounds is illustrated by the fact that in conjunction with its local Worcester Elgar Round Table and Preston Innovations.

Local Sponsors

Woodland View Tackle Shop.

Woodland View Tackle Shop.

Woodland View Fisheries. Hay lane, Hadley, Droitwich, WR9 0AU

Peg One our on site tackle shop provides everything the angler could need for a day's fishing. As well as buying your day ticket for the fishing, Peg One carries a large range of tackle and fresh and processed baits.

Website | Email | 01905 620872

Local Reports

Woodland View Fisheries's profile picture

woodlands View Report

added: 14th Apr 2014

Tuesday Open Hay and Barley.

1 C Senter ABC Baits H6 69-04lbs Caught on pellet feeder.

2 S Martin Haines Tackle B19 62-04lbs pole down the margins.

3 G Clark Browning Spa B3 56-12lbs

4 P...

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Shergold Bilston Angling B7 50-04lbs

Saturday Open Deans Pools.

1 D Brownhill ABC Baits D63 139-08lbs caught on feeder to the aerator.

2 C Cameron Midi D24 138-10lbs Pole and pellet.

3 C Vallender Lobbies D10 99-10lbs

4 P Foster Veterans D49 84-14lbs

Sunday Final Spring League Hay and Arles Pools.

1 N Plumb Woodlands H20 79-04lbs

2 M Djukic Woodlands H12 61-00lbs

3 A Taylor Lobbies H13 56-02lbs

As the weather picks up the weights are getting better and better to all methods.

Woodland View Fisheries's profile picture

Woodlands Report

added: 10th Apr 2014

Saturday Deans Pools.

1 S Ford D35 161-12lbs

2 A Taylor D58 137-06lbs

3 C Cameron D43 114-12lbs

4 C Gilroy D50 84-08lbs

Sunday Deans Pools

1 J Stone D62 152-02lbs

2 G Clark D35 126-04lbs


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W Panting D24 114-02lbs

4 A Morison D53 111-05lbs

All the pools are fishing well to most methods baits are corn pellet and dead maggot.

Woodland View Fisheries's profile picture

Woodlands Report

added: 1st Apr 2014

Tuesday Ghost Pool

1 C Senter ABC Baits G5 76-04lbs

2 P Shergold Bilston Angling G2 47-08lbs

3 S Riddle Evesham G15 37-12lbs

Chris caught on pellet and corn.

Saturday Deans Pools.

1 A...

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Morrison Fishermans Friend D50 146-10lbs

2 C Cameron Midi D43 97-02lbs

3 W Panting Peg 1 D63 88-00lbs

4 A Taylor Gloucester D47 85-08lbs

The winner caught on worm shallow second placed man used pellet and corn.

Sunday High and Arles Pools

1 G Kirkham ABC Baits H23 81-02lbs

2 J Stone Peg 1 A17 54-12lbs

3 T Whitcher Worcester A39 53-10lbs

4 S Hipkins Frenzee H33 50-08lbs

Gary caught down the margins on caster and worm.

Woodland View Fisheries's profile picture

Woodlands Report

added: 25th Mar 2014

Tuesday Deans Pools

1 B Doulton Warwick D25 98-10lbs

2 W Panting Woodlands D21 92-12lbs

3 D Hicken Peg 1 D35 76-02lbs

4 C Haines Haines Angling D37 73-10lbs

Winner caught on pole and...

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pellet and Wayne caught on pellet and worm.

Saturday Hay and Barley Pools

1 D Brownhill ABC H12 74-12lbs

2 C Cameron Middi B12 62-04lbs

3 R Camden Peg 1 B18 61-00lbs

4 W Panting Woodlands H19 47-09lbs

Winner caught on the pellet feeder.

Sunday Arles Pool

1 C Hopps ABC A31 71-04lbs

2 A Morrison Fishermans Friend A17 68-00lbs

3 R Wilson Worcester A27 55-10lbs

4 D Brownhill ABC A33 55-08lbs

the winner fished pole.

Woodland View Fisheries's profile picture

Woodlands Report

added: 17th Mar 2014

Tuesday Ghost pool.

1 R Camden Woodlands G22 71-04lbs

2 D Gwilliam Midland Bears G20 68-08lbs

3 J May JNR Woodlands G18 58-08lbs

4 T Taylor Peg1 G6 36-04lbs

Rob caught down the margins...

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on pellet.

Saturday High Pool.

1 A Morrison Fishermans Friend H10 57-08lbs

2 S Nickless Saints H29 47-12lbs

3 P Edmunds Veterans H7 47-06lbs

4 S Farmer Woodlands H32 47-02lbs

The winner fished chopped worm shallow.

Sunday Final Winter Pairs League.

High, Arles and Both Deans

1 R Camden Woodlands D35 157-00lbs

2 C Hill Mosella A24 96-10lbs

3 C Noyce Matrix Solihull D? 86-10lbs

Rob caught down the margins on corn

Pairs Overall

1 D Ludgate & P Wedge 32pts

2 P Sibley & C Hill 38pts

3 D Brownhill & P Bishop 44pts

4 S Nickless & G Kirkham 46pts

This was a brilliant match to end the league the nice weather and good sport. Mike and Denise would like to thank Preston Innovations for supporting this league.

Woodland View Fisheries's profile picture

woodlands View Report

added: 13th Mar 2014

Tuesday Arles Pool

1 C Senter ABC Baits A17 49-00lbs

2 J May JNR Bilston Angling A31 31-08lbs

3 D Gwilliam ------A37 21-08lbs

Saturday Arles Pool.

1 P Bishop ABC Baits A29 55-00lbs


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J Booth ------- A26 30-04lbs

3 S Nickholas Saints 27-08lbs

4 B Anderson ------- A32 23-08lbs

Sunday Arles Pool.

1 D Ludgate Mosella A40 68-00lbs

2 S Hipkins -------- A34 50-00lbs

3 A Morrison Fishermans Friend A6 43-00lbs

4 C Hopps --------A38 42-08lbs

All the pools are stating to fish well on all methods with the improvement in the weather.

Woodland View Fisheries's profile picture

woodlands View Report

added: 3rd Mar 2014

Saturday Open Ghost Pool Draw 9am fish 10am till 3pm

1 S Nickless Saints G8 51-02lbs

2 G Kirkham ABC Baits G2 47-08lbs

3 P Bishop ABC Baits G20 39-08lbs

4 W Panting Evesham A/C G5 38-00lbs


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method was corn on the pole.

Sunday Round 9 Pairs Winter League High. Arles and Deans Pools.

1 C Hill Mosella H30 86-01lbs

2 J Davis Fishermans Friend H5 51-00lbs

3 A Taylor Lobbies D49 44-14lbs

4 T Whitcher Worcester D8 41-08lbs

Chris fished pellet shallow and the second placed man fished pole and pellet.

Fishing on all the pools is now picking up with the milder and dryer weather.