Your own webcam?

Camera installation

We are always looking for new locations for our expanding camera network. This may be something that would benefit you and your organisation locally; if so please get in touch with us to discuss the cost and process involved. We should explain straight away that local organisations provide the capital funding to set up each local camera, which we own, install and maintain for ten years on their behalves. 

We work with individuals and organisations such as the Environment Agency, The Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Natural Resources Wales, Universities, The Atlantic Salmon Trust and The Canal and River Trust as well as Angling or Boating clubs, individual Riparian Owners and Rivers Trusts to source the best locations for webcams. We will use our experience in photography to ensure that we have the best available images.  

Having sourced the best location we will liaise with riverside facilitators to ensure that the location we have chosen is compatible with our installation as far as the provision of utilities is concerned. We will then ensure that all local authority regulations and requirements are fulfilled.  

We then physically install the camera unit including all the hardware required to connect it to our network. This work is carried out by trained professionals to the highest standards. We will then connect the camera to our network.  

Service and maintain cameras 

We provide full maintenance and service packages tailored to the individual requirements of cameras. Should any of our equipment be damaged or become faulty, we will do our utmost to get the repairs carried out as soon as possible.

Should a camera be vandalised, we will discuss with the capital funder whether the camera is in the best position and may advise moving it. Should the riverside facilitators decide they no longer wish to host the camera, we would remove it at no cost to the capital funder. However, if this should happen more than once, we would a charge the next time it needs moving.  

Our cameras require internet access whether this is via the riverside facilitator’s broadband service or another third party service. We do not get involved in paying for this service unless it is a remote solar unit using a mobile network for its internet access. In such cases, there would be a monthly fee from us to the capital funder of the camera.   

Supply live images to individuals and organisations

On our website we uniquely combine the images from our cameras with other data useful to our users to provide a package of information. In addition we provide a direct link of our images to partner organisations to use for flood defence and other monitoring purposes. For more Information and our Terms & Conditions please contact us.

Capital funding  

For any organisation or individual who would like a Farson Digital Watercam we can advise on the best way to obtain capital funds for it. In our experience, especially in light of recent flooding events, help to provide capital funds for a camera is often available from a range of organisations in the public, private and charitable sectors. We can advise on possible partners who may be willing to help fund a camera.

How the Farson Digital Watercam system works

If you choose to install a Farson Digital Watercam, we will service and maintain it free for 10 years. In practice you pay a one off fee for the installation and for the next 10 years we will provide live images on our website for you to use. In some circumstances we will also provide direct images to partner organisations. Farson Digital Ltd will retain ownership of the equipment and images.  

We will cover our ongoing running costs in two ways: advertising and subscription. On our website we sell advertising around the camera’s image to offset running costs. If you have capitally funded a camera we will give you a prime advertising location beneath the camera's live image. If you are a local facilitator we will also offer you a banner advertising space.  

To capitally fund an installation costs £2600 for a standard fit.

A standard fit  

This incudes one of our cameras, a day’s labour for our installation team, a POE unit, 100 metres of cabling and a router if required.  

Should any other equipment be required to get a camera online, this would be clearly stated and quoted for in our installation costs to the capital funder. We can make a camera work for any location as long as the funds are available.

For more Information and our Terms & Conditions please contact us.