Live Cams

Browse our selection of live cams. Each river may have one or more cameras along its length. Keep checking back here for new rivers being covered throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland, and for new cameras on rivers, lakes and waterways already covered by at least one of our cams. If you are only interested in a specific region you can use the links above to narrow down the selection by region.

Gallery Archive

Select a location to find gallery images. Each webcam stores hourly photos, predominantly through the daylight hours, for use in helping to show current river levels for operational, flood monitoring and leisure purposes. We also save these photos in a high resolution so that you can search back through the days, months and years to find how your favourite location looked at a point in the past!  Want a picture of river conditions this time last year, on a special date or occasion, or even just comparing images from the last week to check how much worse or better the conditions have got? With our extensive archive we have all the images for you here to view.