Add Data Services

We currently have a number of basic data services - we call them 'widgets' - on this website which deliver data supplied by the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales, The Office of Public Works (Ireland), The Scottish Environment Protection Agency, The Met Office and the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. These widgets are located in the dashboard above the camera's live image and are of great added value to our visitors. 

Our intention is to grow our dashboard's selection of widgets by adding third party services, information and data feeds. The widgets can be allocated to specific cameras and to gauging station dashboards. This makes the information supplied location-specific, local, regional or network wide. Our aim is to support the data needs of a wide range of individuals from the angler or boater to professionals monitoring the status of our environment.  

We are currently running two models: advertising and subscription. The visitors that subscribe will soon be able to customise their dashboard - so it only shows widgets in which they have an interest. Any new widget launched later would automatically appear in the customised dashboard until the subscriber turned it off or used it.  Those visiting the site who don't subscribe would see all the widgets relevant to that location in our default dashboard. This allows us to use a sharp focus in our selection of widgets for our dashboard.

If you felt your widget was a chargeable premium service and required a higher annual subscription fee, to explain as an offer in our subscription package, this could also be arranged. 

Who can apply and what would it cost?

We are interested in talking with any organisations in the public, private and charitable sectors, who feel that their data, information or services might be of interest to our visitors and in turn would benefit them.

There would be an initial fee for the set-up of the service, which would be quoted in advance. The cost would depend largely on the complexity and man hours required to launch the widgets on the site. 

Depending on the type of data, information or commercial application and the kind of organisation you are there might be an annual fee for hosting the widget on our site. Any changes to the service, once they are set up, would be charged at an hourly rate by our programmer.

If you're interested in this, please contact us to arrange a call back.