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Farson Digital Watercams puts your business in touch with some of the UK's and Ireland's most passionate river enthusiasts. Over 2.25 million visits per year in fact.

We can help you target your campaign at a national, regional or local level, providing advertising opportunities for the largest tackle manufacturers to the smallest local business.

Display packages

Our display packages are sold on a CPM or ‘Cost per thousand’ basis. It allows you to buy advertising space in bundles of 1000 impressions, or in other words, 1000 opportunities for visitors to see your ad. We offer three types of package:  

Display your banner ad on your choice of Live Cams pages including their associated pages.

Display your banner ad on a series of Live Cam pages, within a specific region – Northern England, Central England, Southern England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland  

Run of site
Display your banner ad across the entire site

Exclusive packages  

If you’d like to secure an ad position right next to a live cam image, we can also give you the opportunity to ‘buy out’ a prime ad space on a Live Cam for 12 months (Subject to availability).  
If you're interested in giving your business maximum exposure we can create a bespoke sponsorship package across the run our site. View our rate card for details or contact us using the form below.

Add your location to our network  

If you are a club, syndicate, business, river trust or purely a private individual, and wish to erect one or more webcams in suitable locations, it might cost you less than you think. Get in touch using the form below.

Rates at a glance:

Display packages  
Local 50k impressions at £6CPM
Total spend £300  

100k impressions at £6CPM
Total spend £600  

Run of site
250k impressions at £6CPM
Total spend £1,500  

We offer a choice of banner ad sizes: 728 x 90, 300 x 250 MPU and 468 x 60.  

Exclusive packages  

Secure a prime advertising position next to a live cam image for 12 months.
Choose from three banner ad sizes:  300 x 250 MPU £400  300 x 75 banner £210

All prices exclude VAT. Information correct as of May 2014.